Pop Culture: What It Really Means

The baby boomers or old think of pop culture in a very negative way, but the new generation or the GENXYZ has embraced it openly. This terms is heard everywhere yet we remain clueless as to what it really is.

To many that I have talked to, it is assumed to be a new expression that represents a new group that is invading a well-established social order.

It may be correct in itself but most in authority do not view it in that manner.
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There are a lot of people of are scared of pop culture because it is something that will destroy our society especially our children and that parents are responsible to warn them about its influence on them.
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Then here comes the next generation that is being referred to as the “Lost” generation, then the “Gen Yers” generation who are caught with new media, and then the “Gen Z” generation where kids will grow up with a highly sophisticated media and computer environment.

In other words, the pattern is obvious, from the standpoint of the leading generation, the next generation should be corrected because they are not doing what is right. So the pattern continues, the generation after this will also try to rectify what the generation next to them are doing because they say it is not right. And so the cycle continues.

So what is pop culture then?

Here we give what we mean by pop culture. It is true that this is the culture of a new group that is rocking our well established social order, but not according to how we look at it.

This just means a culture that is popular to the present generation.

Think with me; we all know that society is evolving, and since it is evolving, everyone that is involved in that social order will have to learn how to live with it. We also know that in every social order, there will always be the dark side and the bright side of it, but people have different reactions which is also either good or bad.

When we speak of “pop culture” or popular culture, what we are seeing is actually a kind of social reaction that most people take. That name came from that reality.

This young age group of today have even their own representative icons which are very popular to them And the Transformers, Batman, Star Wars, and other are also very popular to a certain age group. What are these things representing? When this generation look for figureheads to rescue society then it shows a deep mistrust of those in the lead. And when society evolves people are led to believe that they need to get out of this planet and so the Star Wars ideals.

They are not invented from out of the blue; these are simply products that represent a common culture.