Technology Trends Converging With Futuristic Ideas The progress in technology has been continuous over the years bringing new opportunities. It it seems that from the ancient technology to the modern complex innovations, every phase comes with a better life. It is this trend that transhuman holds the belief that humans can grow their abilities through advanced technologies. It refers to a technological application that goes beyond the super feature gadgets but to modification of the human body. It is a science which can help do away with some diseases id not all as well as providing quality products even to the poorest person. Advanced technologies make life better in the developed countries. Things are in sharp contrast when you focus on developing countries where some people are deprived of basic needs. The life of each person would be better if the sophisticates technologies are within reach of every person. The transhumans tend to view technological progress in a futurist way; many years to come. Depsite long-term projections of the future seem to be more uncertain; time has the ability to make them real. Even though it takes many centuries, human ingenuity will bring it to reality so long as it serves a genuine human concern. The human ambitions to achieve more continue to rise especially with the control of the atomic structure of matter. The confidence to restructure human body has increased due to more evidence based researches. Great achievements, general happiness and ease in life are some of the benefits of such technologies. For instance, look at the power of the internet, connecting people worldwide and unlimited access to information.
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The view of the average person towards transhumans technologies is that they are wild and untenable. Ethical considerations are one of the factors that have slowed the pace of these technologies. Even if a technology is very useful, wild technologies have to face intense resistance before breaking those forces. An example of a transhuman technology is the cryonic,; the science of safekeeping the brain of a person after what is considered as death of the individual. It is done with anticipation of future revival. Though current technology has not permitted revival; cryonics is available today. Irrespective of how many years will have gone by, there is expectation that one day, revival will be possible. The science has been tried with frogs that can revive latter through the molecular nanotechnology. Only that sophisticated MNT is required to revive the human body.
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Bad genes are replaced with good genes through the use of gene therapy. Also, selective RNA interferences makes it possible to suppress the expression of a gene. The sciences make it tenable to change the genetic code of a human being. Experiments conducted on mice prove that through interference of genes, the mice can remain lean regardless of the type of food r the volume they consume.