Using Twitter Marketing for Your Small Business Success

Small business owners should have some tools and tweeting on Twitter should be one of those tools. Buy real Twitter followers is another strategy to jump-start the business.

Internet searches have become increasingly sophisticated; it is fairly simple to find a large, general group of consumers with similar interests or a small group with a very specified interest in your service or product.

The tool or combination of tools utilized in a Twitter Marketing campaign may very well dictate the success or failure of that campaign for your small business.

Below are some simple tips on how to use Twitter Marketing for increasing your leads, clients and revenue for your small busines:


Twitter Marketing Tip 1: Decide what will be the purpose of your ad campaign and set goals accordingly.

Do you need to use broad similar interests to reach the large group or more common interests to reach a narrower search group.

If you do not know what you are trying to accomplish you will most certainly fail, as with any Twitter Marketing effort.Twitter

Marketing Tip 2: Get and understanding of Twitter Marketing and how it works.

Twitter posts are brief, less than 140 characters, and are called tweets. You are able to post as many as you would like, but if you write a novel 140 at a time, you will not find many followers.

Finding a fan base of followers is the key to Twitter Marketing. It may be a great number of followers or it may be a specified group of followers, depending on what you are marketing.

Twitter Marketing Tip 3: The most wide-known way to attract followers is to be a follower yourself.

There is software available to assist you in organizing an efficient follower campaign. Place follow me icons on your emails, websites, and blogs directing those contacts to Twitter and promoting them to become your follower.

Twitter Marketing Tip 4: The best way for retaining followers and generating new followers is to have a steady flow of tweets.

Creating a tweet schedule can help you accomplish this task. Take your time and write tweets that benefit your business, put them in a thoughtful order and then schedule them to be delivered.. T

his tactic is much more efficient than getting on line here and there and posting a tweet. This will not only save time, but your presentation will have a much better flow and organization.

Twitter Marketing Tip 5: Make your tweets interesting.

Think about what you don’t care to know about other people or other businesses and stay away from including that type of material in your own tweets.

You probably don’t care how many mowers Taylor’s Lawn Service has and Taylor probably does not care to know how many work vans that your business has on the road.

Only included information that will keep Taylor interested until that day that he needs some home-remodeling and calls you.

Twitter Marketing Tip 6: Import your contacts from your personal address book, Hotmail, and Gmail.

This is a key first step in developing a following.

Twitter Marketing Tip 7: There is nothing worse than over-tweeting.

Give a steady flow of information, but not too much that it tuns off followers.

Twitter Marketing Tip 8: Do not spam your services or products.

Name one person that you know that likes spam and would voluntarily follows someone who spams.


Knowing when to pull the Twitter tool from the marketing choices in your arsenal and how to use it can greatly enhance the visibility of whatever you are marketing.

It can also decrease visibility, increasing the efficiency of an ad campaign that benefits from pinpoint accuracy in reaching targeted demographics. The best educator is often experience.

Open a Twitter account and spend some time looking around to see what attracts you, what turns you off and how others in your industry are marketing themselves there.

Michigan Twitter Marketing and Facebook Marketing Expert:

Jeffrey Booom is a Twitter Marketing Expert located in California, USA. His company, Socialbooom, helps hundreds of clients each year with getting their small business websites to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing using Twitter Marketing and Social Media Marketing techniques.